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Food Glorious Food

What good is surviving if you end up eating rat corpses? And what about booze! In our FOOD section, you'll find lots of good info on stocking up the essentials, making your own hootch, doing a bit of gardening and micro-farming (even if you have a crappy coldwater walkup in downtown Manhattan), recipes, dry goods and how to make good meals out of same, and of course - pickles.

How To Make Sauerkraut - Crock Style!

We’ve had several failed attempts at making sauerkraut over the years. 

Nothing so horrifying as the mind might come up with when contemplating room-temperature open-air cabbage fermentation, but failures all the same: the first attempt was waaay too salty, salty to make you gag; second try resulted in a cloudy jar of brown shreds that my survival instinct strictly vetoed any sampling of; and most recently we almost had it, but still on the salty side and without that living fermented sour tang of real ‘kraut.  It was like a whale had barfed up a bunch of half-digested sea cabbage: not as bad as you’d expect, but definitely not good. 

Mountain Rose Herbs Wins 2008 Green Business of the Year

Our favorite source for tea, herbs, spices, and seeds is the 2008 Green Business of the Year! We can't think of business more deserving. We buy from Mountain Rose Herbs because they have the most delicious herbs and teas we have found and their prices are low. This green business award is the icing on the cake. Our love goes out to them. -Pickles and Ammo

Fall Out Shelter Gourmet


You don’t have to wait for a disaster to learn how to make super delicious meals with dried and canned goods.

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