One Saturday in September

Woke this morning around 6am; Jasper meowing and barking on the bed next to me. Daisy, his sister, snuggling with Jena on my left. Twilight dawn just becoming visible through our thin bedroom curtains.

Petted Jasper for a while, and dozed till the stereo kicked on with NPR. Troubles in the financial center, and hurricane Ike giving Galveston, TX a drubbing.

Jena woke up and we lay in bed for a while, listening to the radio and petting the cats. Finally up around 7:30, to the kitchen for cups of strong yerba mate, and listening to more NPR on the kitchen radio: now onto dissection and commentary on Sarah Palin's latest public appearance.

Out to the rooftop patio; Jena gave the cats some kitty grass while I harvested a handful of ripe tomatoes from our container plants.

Back inside, another round of tea, then Jena off to school shortly after 8 on my 10-speed Schwinn Varsity.

I took a quick shower, then to the PetCo to get cat food. Stopped by Staples to look at fire-proof safes, but didn't buy one yet.

Next to a credit union to open up some personal and business accounts: I think Washington Mutual is going down soon, and want to be able to make a quick transition when the time comes. Was assisted by a Bhutanese woman named Tshering - small, bright, animated, consiratorially friendly. When asked if I used another bank presently, upon my answer she said "Oh, they are done for..." but then shut up about it real quick. Indeed.

Got the accounts all set up and funded, then home. Got a 4-pack of Guinness cans and sat out on the back patio with a chilly pint in the hot sun listening to Pandora radio on the iPhone. Couched in that pleasant wordless awareness watching the summer day blooming all around, a Zen quietude very dear these days of following the news in every waking minute, I thought I'd start a blog.

Such a pretty day, I hope there are many more ahead.