Our Rating System Explained

We know what we like, and we quantify it in the rating system below.   


0 Corks:  Do not drink this wine.  Headache and sass gut will result.  If it came in a plastic bottle or a box, you got what you paid for, otherwise, you should see the store manager about this.

1 Cork: If you add some sparkling water and/or ice cubes, you might be able to save this one.  Don't buy it again though.

2 Corks: Drinkable as-is, but not with much enthusiasm.  Not bad enough to put on the blacklist, but certainly not doing itself any favors.  Might be good for sangrias or mulled wine or something?

3 Corks:  A decent wine.  A few nice things to be said about it, and enough complexity to sound a little snooty when saying them.  Wouldn't seek it out again especially, but would not be disappointed to see it return to the table.

4 Corks: A good, delicious wine.  Won't let you down if you take it to a friend's house.

5 Corks: This is what you've been looking for, drinking all those bottles of wine.  Complex, interesting, delicious, laughs at your jokes.  One to take home to meet the folks.