Watching the OTHER big storm - LEH, MER, WM, etc...

Went out last night and saw Chris Onstad, author of Achewood, at a signing event at The Isotope. Man, parking in the city is a fucking pain, but it was cool to rub elbows with other Achewood fans, and see the guy in person. Got a little sketch of Vlad out of him in our copy of The Great Outdoor Fight.

This morning, Jena and I up pretty early; Jena cooked up a hearty eggs and bacon spread with homemade hashed browns, rar! Now lounging around the house a bit, catching up on the financial news, which ain't too good.

One Saturday in September

Woke this morning around 6am; Jasper meowing and barking on the bed next to me. Daisy, his sister, snuggling with Jena on my left.

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